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Locomotoras de Minas por Acumuladores
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T50 Model
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T50 Locomotive
Technical Characteristics
Service aprox. weight (kg) 4800
Tractive effort (kg) at 25% adherence 1200
Tractive effort (kg) at 16% adherence 768
Number of tractive motors 2
Total power per hour (Kw) 14
Battery voltage (V) 96
Discharge capacity in 5 h (Ah) 575
Number of battery elements 48
Minimum curve radius (m) 8
Length with buffers (mm) 3220
Width (mm) 880
Height (mm) 1285
Full load horizontal velocity (km/h) 8
Constructed in welded steel, suspended by rubber studs on grease boxes with oscillating roller bearings.
Mechanical sanding system to the rails in both directions.
Break hydraulic to the four wheels by break shoes. Mechanical stop break – manual, and emergency brake electrical.
Buffers and motor suspension
The locomotive has two buffers which may be removed and with rubber stud shock absorbers, achieving complete sock absorption against collisions and battery vibrations. Equally, the motor is suspended from the chassis by a brace with rubber studs.
The battery housing is constructed in steel plating with an interior anti-acid covering. Bipolar current connection. The locomotive includes a battery discharge indicator. Possibility of construction of the battery housing with protection against firedamp by increased safety, with current connection with anti-firedamp protection.
Motor and transmission
Motor type MU350
Technical Characteristics
Firedamp Protection IP54
Insulation Class F
Protection Mode EEx de I M2
Used at Models T-18, T-26, T-35, T-50
Power per Hour 14 Kw
Imput Voltage 96 V
The DC motors (2) type MU350, is constructed with steel casing (possibility of anti-flagrant construction in the event of firedamp mines), coupled to the wheel-set by various bronze cushions , thus forming a motor-wheel-set with direct Pinion-Crown transmission to each axle protected with steel casing with a hatch for greasing.
Speed control
In order to achieve continuous speed regulation, an electronic speed control with high reliability and minimum maintenance thrystors.
The locomotive has two headlights (diodes led), one in each direction.
Warning signal
The locomotive has acoustic and luminous position warning signal by red led in light contrary to the direction selected.
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Mining Locomotives - Electrical Battery Locomotives - Batteries for Locomotives - Explossion Proof Locomotives
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